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Hoey & Farina wants you to know that our law firm is dedicated to representing all seriously injured individuals and their families, whether the injuries are due to train accidents, construction or work accidents, automobile accidents, medical malpractice or defective products.

The same commitment and dedication our experienced team of lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants and investigators provide to each railroader under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA), we also provide to our clients who do not work in the rail industry.

Hoey & Farina wants to share the results which we have obtained for seriously injured persons and their families and for the estates of deceased individuals:


$1,800,000 / 34 Year Old Construction Electrician (2006 – Cook County)
Contractor was sued after plaintiff’s cable life line was improperly secured with a defective weld. He fell three stories onto a concrete floor and suffered serious back injuries.

$3,100,000 / 61 Year Old Heavy Equipment Operator (2004 – Cook County)
Major railroad, general contractor and utility company were sued on behalf of the deceased’s estate after he died from electrocution. The deceased operated an end-loader (“packer”) on sloped ground covered with ice and snow where intermodal containers were stacked close to electric lines. The packer slid down sloped storage yard and came in contact with uninsulated high voltage power lines. (This incident resulted in the electrocution deaths of three workers. James L. Farina was instrumental in the $10,000,000 global settlement of these matters.)

$2,114,000 / 28 Year Old Highway Construction Laborer (2000 – Cook County)
Manufacturer and contractor were sued on behalf of the deceased’s estate after she died from crushing injuries. The deceased laborer was working next to a self-propelled pavement milling machine when she was pulled underneath the treads of the machine.


$1,000,000 – 59 Year Old Patient (Jury Verdict) (2006 – USDC N.D. of IL)
Northwest Illinois suburban EMTs were sued on behalf of the deceased’s estate after she died from anaphylactic shock. In this case, an endotracheal tube was improperly placed into deceased’s lung during transfer to a medical facility. She suffered irreversible brain damage and remained in a vegetative state for approximately two years before her death from the injuries. Her husband died shortly after her injury and the couple had no children.

$2,750,000 – 43 Year Old Patient (1996 – Cook County)
Anesthesiologist and medical center were sued after plaintiff was given general anesthesia instead of local anesthesia despite having a high-risk physical status rating. Additionally, surgery was allowed to continue after he suffered cardiac arrest which resulted in his suffering a permanent hypoxic brain injury.

$1,100,000 – 53 Year Old Patient (1996 – Cook County)
Physicians and medical center were sued on behalf of deceased’s estate after he died subsequent to a routine surgery. Deceased was given a spinal tap despite indication of increased cranial pressure. He was then negligently resuscitated. He suffered serious brain damage and remained in a vegetative state for approximately one year before his death due to the injuries.


$1,500,000 / 57 Year Old Driver (2006 – Cook County)
Driver of another vehicle was sued after plaintiff was injured in a 5 mph rear impact motor vehicle accident that caused benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, disrupting his balance and vision.

$500,000 / 38 Year Old Driver (2004 – Kane County)
Landscaper and employee were sued after equipment trailer brakes failed. The trailer rolled downhill into plaintiff’s vehicle causing serious facial, shoulder and arm injuries.


$389,075 / 34 Year Old Driver (2007 – Cook County)
Transit authority and employee were sued after public transportation bus was driven through a red light and struck plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff suffered herniated lumbar disc and protruding cervical discs. (Verdict was for $540,000 but reduced by 23% for contributory negligence.)

$430,000 / 44 Year Old Passenger (2006 – Cook County)
Major railroad was sued after plaintiff passenger suffered a herniated cervical disc in a commuter train derailment.


$2,000,000 / 27Year Old Seaman (2003 – USDC N.D. of IL)
Employer and vessel owner were sued after plaintiff was required to move a heavy and cumbersome railing when mechanical alternatives were or should have been available. Plaintiff suffered permanent back injuries. Prior to suit, defendants failed to pay plaintiff maintenance and cure during his period of disability.

Hoey & Farina understands that suffering serious personal injuries due to someone else's negligence can have life long consequences for injured individuals and their families. Selecting a personal injury law firm is an important decision because you are placing your future in their hands. Once you have hired a law firm, you should be confident your attorneys are looking out for your and your family’s best interests so you can focus on healing – physically and emotionally. With Hoey & Farina, you can.

At Hoey & Farina, our clients have said that they considered our firm like family and could not have asked for better representation. To hear those words and to know that we have helped make our client’s lives better again is an honor we strive to meet everyday. Hoey & Farina has always, and will always, provide excellent representation to all seriously injured individuals and their families.

If you or a loved one have suffered a work injury or wrongful death on the railroad, call an experienced FELA lawyer / railroad injury attorney at Hoey & Farina, P.C. at 1-888-425-1212, or complete this form, for your FREE CONSULTATION. Hoey & Farina represents clients throughout the United States.


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