Diesel Fumes Threat To Railroad Workers And Commuters

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Metra Train Diesel Soot.

Chicago Tribune's investigation into dangerous levels of diesel fumes in Union Station and Ogilvie Transportation Center in Chicago, reveals risks to not only railroad workers, but commuters as well. Diesel fumes exposure can pose elevated risks of cancer and respiratory diseases. According to the Tribune’s investigation, not only are there high levels of diesel fumes on the platforms where employees work and computers stand, but the levels become even higher once inside the train cars.

According to Metra, it will be conducting its own testing on the level of diesel fumes in these Chicago commuter stations. Metra had already begun taking steps to reduce levels of diesel fumes by automatically shutting down locomotives after a certain amount of time idling in or near the commuter stations. However, as for replacing the older, dirtier locomotives, due to budget limitations, Metra is refurbishing locomotives as opposed to purchasing new, safer ones.

Concerned about the dangers posed by these high levels of diesel fumes, Dick Durbin, U.S. Senator from Illinois, has stepped in and is attempting to get both Metra and federal government watchdog groups more involved in cleaning the air at Union Station and Ogilvie Transportation Center in Chicago.

Further investigations will be done concerning the toxic diesel fumes in the Chicago area commuter stations. Hoey & Farina will keep you informed concerning new developments. If you believe you may have developed cancer or a respiratory disease due to long term exposure to diesel fumes, please contact Hoey & Farina at 888-425-1212 for your free legal consultation.

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