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Medical RecordsA middle aged man saw his family doctor concerning a lump on his nose. The doctor followed standard medical care and took a biopsy of the lump on his patient’s nose. The doctor’s staff told their patient not to worry about the lump, “it’s probably nothing,” but if anything came back to the contrary, they would call him.

Many months later, the man’s wife went to the same family physicians group for a doctor appointment. The doctor asked how her husband was doing. It seemed to her that the doctor thought her husband was ill.

The man’s wife obtained a copy of her husband’s biopsy test results and discovered why the doctor asked about her husband’s health. His biopsy test results came back positive for cancer. The doctor’s office violated the standard of care when no one from the doctor’s office called the patient to inform him of the positive test results for cancer and what treatment was needed. The months in between the initial diagnosis and medical care resulted in the need for more invasive treatment of the cancer and disfigurement to his nose.

Hoey & Farina obtained a substantial medical malpractice settlement for this gentleman.

Victims of medical malpractice will tell you, they would rather have their health back than any financial recovery.  Avoid being a victim of medical malpractice by becoming your own best medical advocate.

When a new or strange medical symptom appears, promptly seek medical advice from a doctor.

  • When you have a medical test or procedure performed (CT Scan, CBC, Colonoscopy, Biopsy, etc.) request a copy of your results and retain the document for your own personal health records.

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