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Hoboken Train Crash

September 30, 2016 -  A New Jersey Transit train crashed into Hoboken Terminal early this morning during rush hour traffic.  According to passengers, NJ Train #1614 failed to slow down as it approached Hoboken Terminal. 

A massive emergency response has been implemented, including assistance from the New York City Fire Department.  Rescue efforts, however, are being hampered by severe structural damage to Hoboken Station caused when the New Jersey train crashed through a wall and into the building.  

News reports are approximately 75 passengers and/or train crew members have been injured, and one person has died.  The most seriously injured are being taken by ambulance to nearby hospitals, while passengers and crew with non-life threatening injuries are waiting to be transported to hospitals via NJ Transit buses.

The FRA, NTSB and Highway Traffic & Safety Administration are on their way to the Hoboken train accident to investigate possible causes which may have contributed to the NJ transit accident such as:  defective brakes, misaligned switches, malfunctioning signals, failed radio communications, and/or use of Positive Train Control (PTC) technology.  

Hoey & Farina will keep you updated concerning this NJ train crash as more information becomes available.  (For Live Coverage visit:  NBC 4 News.  Also, New Jersey Medical Center can be reached at (201) 915-2691 for family members concerned a loved one may have been injured in the NJ train accident and taken to their facility.)



The event recorder on the back locomotive from NJ Train 1614 which crashed into Hoboken Station on September 30, 2016, was the first to be recovered.  The NTSB and FRA were hopeful the event recorder would provide details on the throttle position, speed, and application of brakes concerning the Hoboken train accident.  It was determined, however, that the event recorder was not functioning at the time of the train accident.  

Federal regulations require event recorders be inspected every year.  It is not clear when the event recorders on NJ Transit train that crashed were last  inspected.  According to the FRA, the NJ Transit has had more than 180 safety violations and more than 150 accidents since January of 2011, including three train accidents at Hoboken Terminal which involved crashing into the bumping block.  

The second event recorder recovered revealed the NJ train was traveling at eight mph less than a minute before the train crash, and then sped up to 21 mph.  The emergency brake was applied less than one second prior to the Hoboken train crashing into the bumper and onto the platform.

NJ Transit has subsequently implemented a new rule requiring a conductor to join the engineer as trains pull into Hoboken Station.  The new rule would provide a second set of eyes and ears (and hopefully not a distraction).

On October 31st, the NTSB was informed that the enginer involved in the NJ Trainsit train accident was diagnosed, post-accident, with sleep apnea disorder.  According to the NTSB, the dianosis does not mean that that was the cause of the train accident and its investigation continues. 

In March 2016, the FRA and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) began seeking data and information concerning the prevalence and consequences of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) amoung railroad workers.  On November 16, 2016, the FRA announced that it will issue a safety advisory to the railroads concerning the need to address worker fatigue more agressively.


If you have suffered an injury or wrongful death of a loved one in this NJ transit crash, you need a train accident attorney investigating and working on your behalf.  The train injury attorneys at Hoey & Farina can help you.  We are experienced train injury lawyers / FELA attorneys with a proven track record of successfully litigating personal injury claims against railroads, like the NJ Transit, throughout the United States, while providing compassionate legal services.  Call Hoey & Farina at 1-888-425-1212 now for your free consultation.  We are available to assist you and your family 24 / 7.

IMPORTANT:  The New Jersey Transit Corporation is a state-owned public transportation system.  If you were injured in the Hoboken train accident of September 30, 2016, and intend to file a claim concerning your injuries, you have until December 28, 2016, to notify the railroad of your intent by filing a Notice of Tort Claim with the State of New Jersey.  



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