Metra Rock Island Train Near Derailment

Metra Rock Island Near Derailment June 2 2014

Metra’s Rock Island train # 400 from Joliet to Chicago experienced a near derailment June 2, 2014.  According to Metra passengers on the train that morning, as the Rock Island was traveling between stops, approaching the 35th Street Station, the train unexpectedly switched tracks.  Passengers stated that the Rock Island train does not normally switch tracks in that area and was traveling at the train's normal rate of speed, approximately 60 mph, when the near derailment occurred.

Metra passengers and conductors working on the Metra train were injured when they were tossed about as the train cars nearly came off of the tracks.  Some Metra passengers on the upper level of the first car were nearly thrown over the railing.  According to one Metra passenger, if another passenger had not grabbed him, he would have fallen over the railing to the level below.

Metra is investigating the near derailment on the Rock Island #400 train.

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